Parishioners From All Parishes Are Vitally
Needed To Keep This Program Going

Chapel Facts - About St. Monica's Perpetual Adoration:

Thank You
We wish to thank those of you who so faithfully keep your adoration hour each week and those of you who come when you can. It is because of you that this adoration program has been going for over four years now and it is because of you that we are seeing the beginnings of blessings for our Diocese. According to Mother Teresa every Holy Hour you say so pleases the Heart of Jesus that it is retold in Heaven for all eternity and, according to Blessed Dina Belanger, every Holy Hour sends a multitude of souls to Heaven that would have otherwise gone to Hell. Thank you so much for your dedication and faithfulness.

Parishioners From All Parishes Needed And Invited
Parishioners from all Parishes in the Kalamazoo area are needed, invited, and very much encouraged to visit our Chapel and also, if possible, signup to cover an hour of adoration for one hour a week. Both our Bishop and our Pastor encourage this wholeheartedly. Please feel free to visit our beloved Lord at anytime as often as you wish even if you are unable to volunteer to cover a specific hour of adoration.

Opening Of Chapel
The Chapel was officially commissioned in a ceremony, with Bishop Murray presiding, on Monday October 14th 2002 after the 8AM Mass. Perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament has been going on day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since that date.

Chapel Hours
The Chapel is open 7 days a week for 24 hours a day. It is closed (no adorers allowed in the Chapel) only during the Easter Triduum, when Eucharistic Adoration is being held out in the main body of the Church, and for part of the days of Christmas and New Years. During St. Monica's Masses we encourage adorers to go to Mass, however, the Chapel is open for adoration (but no scheduled adoration takes place).

For a Funeral Mass we ask that adorers keep there normal hour before the Lord unless there is a compelling reason to attend the Funeral.

During bad weather, when its treacherous to venture outside, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament is automatically suspended at the Chapel and the last person leaving the Chapel covers it with the Gold Laced Cloth provided at the Chapel. When it is safe to drive to the Chapel, after the storm, the regular schedule for adoration starts up again and scheduled adorers for each hour are expected keep there commitment to the Lord. The Chapel itself is never actually closed during bad weather.

Chapel Location
St. Monica's Church is located near the N.W. corner of the intersection of South Westnedge and Kilgore Road in Kalamazoo at 534 W. Kilgore Road. The Chapel is located at the N.E. part of the Church Building in what use to be the Music Room. The easiest way to locate the Chapel is to enter the Church at its N.E. entrance and the Chapel will be the second door to the left.

A Map of St. Monica's Church location can be seen by mousing over "Home", on the above drop down menu, and clicking on "Map To Chapel".

Gaining Entrance To Chapel At Night
At around Sunset in the evening all St. Monica's Church entrances are locked and stay that way until 6AM in the Morning.  During these hours visitors to the Chapel should go to the N.E. entrance to the Church and either punch in the prearranged code or ring the doorbell to the left of the door. You can obtain this code by calling Anne Cooper at 342-6586 or the Rectory at 345-4389.  Please note that you may have to visit the rectory in person to obtain this code if we do not recognize your name over the phone.

How To Volunteer To Cover An Hour Of Adoration
If you wish to volunteer to cover an hour of adoration once a week please call Anne Cooper at 342-6586, sign up at the Chapel, or sign up on this Website.  The Sign-In Table in the Chapel hallway always has a sheet listing the open Holy Hours with spaces to sign your name and phone number.  In addition, this Website has a link where you can volunteer.  By mousing over "Volunteer", on the above drop-down-menu's, and clicking on "Volunteer To Be Adorer", you can volunteer to cover a specific hour of adoration.

If you volunteer to be an adorer you can volunteer either to cover an open Holy Hour (an Hour that has no one signed up for it) or an hour that already has one adorer signed up for it.  It is the Church's norm to have to have 2 adorers in attendance at all times when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for adoration.  The open Holy Hours can be seen on an excel Chart at the Chapel (this is the master list) or on this website by scrolling over "Volunteer", on the above drop-down-menu's, and clicking on "Open Holy Hours".

Average Number Of Adorers In Chapel
The Chapel has six pews and kneelers with a total occupancy of around 32. Usually their are anywhere from 1 to 6 adorers in the Chapel depending on what time you come in.

Attendance Statistics
Our beloved Lord Jesus gets about 31 to 32 visits a day, 240 visits a week, or 12,000 visits a year from adorers at our Chapel.  Since the opening of the Chapel about 10 years ago around 150,000 Holy Hours have been said. These statistics come from the people who sign in when they visit the Chapel.  Many more make visits without signing in. (Note: You are required to sign the adorers register only if you are the official adorer for that hour or a substitute.  If you are a visitor for that hour you do not have to sign it although it helps us in making sure someone is in the Chapel at all times and with the above statistics).

Chapel Rules
To provide a pleasant atmosphere of prayer and proper respect for our beloved Lord the following Chapel Rules have developed over the years:
1.   No food or drinks of any kind in the Chapel at anytime.
2.   No material donations (such as statues, flowers, pictures etc.) - see
      Fr. Farrell first.
3.   Donations to our Bookshelf (solidly Catholic) and monies for use of
      Votive Candles are encouraged.
4.   Please put back all materials to the Bookshelf when leaving the
5.   Please keep miscellaneous notes on the sign-in table to a minimum.
6.   No money at any time is to be given out to people at the Chapel.
7.   Silent prayer only in the Chapel.
8.   Turn off all cell phones before entering the Chapel.
9.   Be on time for your hour unless prior arrangements have been
10. Cover the Blessed Sacrament if no one else is there & you must
11. We must work towards having 2 adorers in the Chapel at all times.
12. Chapel schedule is automatically suspended during bad weather.
13. During any regularly scheduled Mass, including any once a year holy
      day or holiday Mass, the Chapel is open but adorers aren't
14. During any Funeral Mass the Chapel always stays open for its
      regular schedule of adorers.

Schedule Of Adorers
The schedule of adorers for each hour is found on an excel spreadsheet located in the lobby of the N.E. entrance to the Church.  On it you can find the open Holy Hours where we particularly need an adorer and all the hours where we have only one adorer signed up.  Please remember that we should have 2 adorers signed up and in attendance before the most Blessed Sacrament at all times.  The Holy Hour Captains are also listed on this sheet for the adorers to contact should a problem arise or to call up to volunteer for an hour.  This "Schedule Of Adorers" is not posted on this Website.

A telephone is located in the hallway to the Chapel on the right hand side, for adorers convenience, to make sure all hours are covered, and so they can get a hold the their Holy Hour Captains. Please limit any other use of this phone to emergencies only.

Sign In Table
A table is located on the right hand side of the hallway to the Chapel. On it is the "Sign-In Register Book", the "Open Holy Hours Signup" sheet, the "Substitute Adorer Needed" sheets, and blank index "Petition Cards".

"Sign-In Register Book" - As mentioned above, you are requested to sign the Register when you come to adoration but it is not required unless you are a scheduled adorer for that hour or a substitute. It does help us out in knowing how many adorers our beloved Lord has before Him at each hour.

"Open Holy Hours Signup" sheet - This a single sheet of paper letting you know what Holy Hours are open with no one signed up to cover them. If you wish to volunteer for these hours, or any other hour, spaces are available for you to write your name and phone number.

"Substitute Adorer Needed" sheets - When a regular adorer needs a temporary substitute for their hour they sign this sheet so people can volunteer to cover that hour. One of the ways you can help this program out a lot is to watch this sheet and volunteer when you can.

"Petition Cards" - Should you wish to write out a petition to our Lord blank index cards can be found in a wooden box on the Sign In Table. Please place these cards in the Chest at the foot of the Monstrance in the Chapel. At each Mass these petitions are prayed for by our priests. This Chest is emptied on a weekly basis by one of our priests.

A List Of Substitute Adorers For You To Call
In order to communicate information, fliers are sometimes put out on the Sign In Table for adorers to read. In addition, two fliers are always available on the left hand side of the hallway to the Chapel for you to take. The first is a green colored flier showing a list of substitutes you could call for your hour on one side and all the Holy Hour Captains and phone numbers on the other side. The second flier is yellow and contains information on the tremendous importance of adoration in ones life according to our Popes and Saints.

Bookshelf Containing Prayers And Reading Material
A bookshelf containing prayer books and reading material is in the hallway to the Chapel. These materials are there for your use during adoration. Please place these materials back when you are finished with your hour (do not take them home with you). If you wish to donate to this Bookshelf please feel free to do so but make sure that it is solid Catholic reading material backed by the Vatican.

Interesting Chapel Facts
Soundproofing - The Chapel is constructed with 3 levels of soundproofing so that you can have a quiet atmosphere to pray in. Noise can come in from the hallway, however, so please speak in very soft voices when right outside of the Chapel.

Lights - The lights are adjustable if they are to bright or to dim for you.

Temperature - The temperature, controlled by a locked thermostat in the Chapel hallway, is not adjustable by adorers. To help stabilize the Chapel temperature you can try the following:
       1. Winter -- If the Chapel is to cold keep the Chapel Door closed to
                          keep the heat in.
       2. Winter -- If the Chapel is to hot open the Chapel Door so the
                          heat will get to the thermostat and turn off the heat.
       3. Summer - If the Chapel is to cold open the Chapel Door so the
                           Air-Conditioning will get to the thermostat and shut it
      4. Summer - If the Chapel is to hot keep the Chapel Door closed so
                          that the Air-Conditioning will stay on longer.

Please contact the Church Office or Anne Cooper (342-6586) if none of this works.

Votive Candles
No money is asked of anyone to use the Chapel. However, Votive Candles are in the Chapel if you choose to light one. A donation is appreciated to help defray the cost of these candles.

Petition Chest In Chapel
If you wish to write out a petition to our beloved Lord index cards are available in a small wooden box on the Sign In Table in the Chapel hallway. Please place these in the Chest that is in the Chapel at the foot of the Monstrance. At all of St. Monica's daily Masses these petitions are mentioned in one general petition for the faithful to pray for. Once a week this petition Chest is emptied by one of St. Monica's Priests.

Covering The Blessed Sacrament - Gold Laced Cloth
Our program has been set up envisioning that the Most Blessed Sacrament never be left unattended during the times our Adoration Chapel is open. However, situations arise where more imperative duties must be taken care of by the only person left in the Chapel. Should you find yourself alone in the Chapel and you must leave, because of an imperative duty or an emergency, please cover the Blessed Sacrament with the Gold Laced Cloth placed on the front left pew. It has 2 Gold flexible strings on it so that they can be stretched across the Monstrance.

If you have not volunteered to cover the specific hour that you are in the Chapel for it is not your responsibility to stay if no one else is there. However, if you do have some extra time it would mean a great deal if you could stay until the next adorer arrives.

As a community of adorers we must work toward the ideal situation that the Blessed Sacrament is never left alone, and the attitude that this is never an acceptable situation but one of necessity for the moment. If you know that this is happening often during a certain hour of the week please contact the Hourly Captain for that hour or Anne Cooper at 342-6586 so we can get more volunteers on that hour.

If you come to the Chapel and the Blessed Sacrament is covered by this cloth please reverently take the cloth off and place it back on top of the satin cloth on the front left hand pew.

How This Program Is Organized
A group of about 180 volunteers signup to help cover all of the 154 Hours per week that the Chapel is open. Assisting these volunteers are a group of 30 Holy Hour Captains. To find information on how all of this is organized please mouse over "About Program", on the above drop down menu's, and click on "Structure Of Program".

Chapel Pictures
To see pictures of our beautiful Chapel please mouse over "About Program", on the above drop down menu's, and click on "View Chapel Pics" or "View Chapel Hallway Pics".

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